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Pulled-in-place pipe relining

Structural lining is a pipe relining method that relies on pulled-in-place installation instead of cured-in-place like Pipe Doctor. Although similar, PIP requires the threading of a felt tube through the existing damaged pipe. Many pipe relining companies in Cape Town prefer the pulled-in-place method of pipe relining when larger areas of damaged pipe need repair. PIP is great for relining pipe systems in flats, factory buildings and large properties. The versatility of pulled-in-place allows lining of 22, 45- and 90-degree angles, even relining vertical stacks with the ability to start and stop anywhere along the line.

How does pulled-in-place work?

A strong cable is threaded through the pipe lining material and inserted into the damaged pipe. The material contains a balloon that when inflated, pulls the new pipe in place and positions it correctly against the damaged pipe. Using pulled-in-place Structural Pipe Relining, plumbers don’t need to cut the pipe and reconnect it again, thereby saving pipe downtime, money and labour.

Inversion is similar to PIP except the liner is rolled through the pipe instead of inflated using a balloon. With inversion, air or water is used to invert or unroll the liner inside the damaged pipe. Each section of pipe is left inflated while the liner cures in place.

Pipe Relining Cape Town

Structural Pipe Relining Cape TownStructural Pipe Relining Cape TownStructural Pipe Relining Cape TownStructural Pipe Relining Cape Town

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